What is Finance Emerstal?

Emerstal’s Focus is on people. This is a new age, an age where the individual matters the most. We have various technologies and trends which focus on the individual, but most of this trends simply focus on the Individual as a consumer or a buyer of resources or goods or services. Individuals are targeted on their likes and dislikes on Social media platform and their buying trends. Credit Card companies target individuals so that they buy more of their wealth assets. Banks provide more loans to people so that they buy this loans which of course the individual or the people use to buy more of their commodities. We focus on the other picture. We ourselves have felt that there is not much advise on how to advise the Individual on progressing their wealth generation. Our goal is financial empowerment of the individual or the people. We advise on both direct and indirect ways to gain more wealth.

What is Wealth Generation?

There are various advisers on wealth generation, some sound too unreal or too daunting to be possible for the average buyer. But it is possible for everyone to be empowered. Various industry trends that are coming up in the future clearly indicate a bleak future for job holders particularly in the lower income segment. (Read Automation).

It is high time that individuals take the money generation into their own hands. We always hear about Ideas and startups and feel it is a good news item to read online or offline. We even prefer to believe it is happening in somebody else’s life. That we can never be “that” start up or venture.

I disagree with that. We can become our own masters and forge our own destiny. We can be free of this rat race and become free to travel the world at leisure.

How will Wealth be generated?

There are various ways to generate Wealth which we discuss in detail in Finance. We differentiate between Assets and Liabilities and quote the various experts. It is important to understand this difference before even thinking of any wealth generation. We talk in detail about all this in our Finance.

Finally…What do you do with this wealth?

It’s good to have a lot of wealth and be free of the Rat Race. But then what do you do with this wealth. You can reinvest it and watch as your wealth grows manifolds right in front of your eyes. Wealth creates more wealth. But then this is all about wealth. One must have a good quality of life. With all that wealth – it is time to see the world and travel it. Travel around the world to see what life is all about. It not only increases your knowledge of places but creates an appreciation for variety in you.

So wait no further…go to our Finance and Travel sites and become engaged in governing your own life.

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